Times They Are A-Changin' ...

The Australia we knew 3 weeks ago has completely changed. Like every business and person in Australia (the world) we have been impacted by the arrival of Corona Virus / COVID-19.

POISON ARROW RETRO is NOT closing down as a business, although in this uncertain world we will be some changes to how we run our business. 

Our lease at Orion Shopping Centre is due to expire, and in this time of economic uncertainty and health risks, we feel it is time to grow our online side of the business.

Our main priority is our health. As many of you already know, Angela has recently overcome cancer and she is an extremely high risk candidate to become a statistic if exposed or infected by Corona Virus. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us by visiting us and purchasing from our bricks and mortar shops over the last 4 years. With this next chapter of the POISON ARROW RETRO journey, we look forward to servicing all of your family's kustom kulture needs now online.

Please follow our FACEBOOK PAGE to be informed of what's happening, and don't forget our online store is OPEN 24/7/365. 

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  • Shawn Greenaway

    Wayne and Angela, Just a big ol hello from your friendly local pinstriper. You’ll do great no matter what you do. Hey Angela, great to hear of your victory. Best of luck in your future endeavours. Shawn Greenaway

  • Natalie Philp

    I’m sadden to hear the closure of your store. I’ve enjoyed our chats. It’s a good sensible business decision especially in this economic climate. I certainly support your online store. Good luck

  • Danielle Mutton

    All the best Wayne & Angela. The next 6 months will be rocky for everyone & your health comes first. Glad to read that you will be continuing online. Love to you both

  • Sarah SKINSLEY

    Your a great online store for me and I love your items! Good luck with the new venture I’ll be purchasing some goodies today xx

  • Alex

    I am sure you will be successful online too!

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