Important Notice

Dear Customers and Friends.
Many of you know that our little shop has been struggling since the demolition of Ipswich Central began around us. 
We've also had some other setbacks, the most significant was in February when Wayne had heart surgery that went pear shaped. Pleased to say he is now doing well, after a few months of recovery and has been back lighting up the shop with his big personality.
The bills keep on coming, and to make ends meet, I've been working as an uber driver full time while times are tough. This has certainly helped us keep our heads above water (just) and has helped us to keep the shop, which we love so much, from closing it's doors.
This week, we've had another cruel blow, I was diagnosed with Grade 2 breast cancer. A hospital visit on Tuesday will see us meet with a surgeon to discuss possible treatment options. 
Whatever the outcome, our lives will be turned upside down once again, and it is unlikely that I will be able to continue driving fulltime, which will impact us financially. 
It also means that our shop hours may become a little erratic, which we know really sucks. We like to be consistent and provide a great service for our customers, which includes being committed to being open during normal business hours. We will update our shop hours as any changes happen and will also post on the page any updates. Please make sure you both "Like" and "Follow" our page if you want to get these updates. 
We appreciate your understanding and patience, and will try to keep things as normal as possible for you. We also appreciate everyone who chooses to do business with us in the shop and online, and also those who like, share and tag your friends in our page posts, every little bit counts. We need your support more than ever xx
Love from Angela & Wayne

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