Cancer Sucks

Well, here I am a bit over two weeks after having initial tests for a lump that I found in my left breast during self examination. I've decided to blog publicly about my journey, in the hope that it will help someone else, and also so I can look back on it as a distant memory in years to come.

The first thing I want to say is thank you to family, friends and our lovely customers who have sent messages of support, and offers of help.

The second thing is to let you know that I have been vigilant with having regular mammograms since I turned 40 (a decade ago, eek!) due to family history of breast cancer, including my youngest sister who was diagnosed just over 4 years ago. My tests always came back clear, and I was due to go for my next appointment now. Things changed when just over 2 weeks ago, I noticed something didn't look 'quite right' in the bathroom mirror. I made an appt with my Dr for the next day, then went for a mammogram and and ultrasound. Mammogram was first, things were looking good as it came back clear, nothing to see here .... then the ultrasound afterwards found 4 lumps which the radiologist said looked very suspicious!

Boy, I was not prepared for that! I had biopsies done immediately, I cried the whole time, not from the pain, but from the sheer shock of what was going down. Long story short, got the results two days later at my GPs office, as suspected the lumps were malignant carcinomas.

Hospital appointment booked for the following week, can't remember too much about it, but there was talk of lumpectomies, bilateral mastectomies, radiation and chemotherapy follow ups. 

Fast forward a week, my surgeon met with other surgeons at the hospital to discuss best treatment plan recommendation, and they decided due to my family history of breast cancer (7 close rellies that we know about) best option would be a double bilateral mastectomy followed by 6 to 12 mths of chemo. 

A few people have asked me how I feel about the surgery, my answer is, well, I accept that I have to have it, but I don't have to like it. In fact I'm really pissed off that I have to have it. But I'd rather live than die.

July 18 2018 is my surgery date, I am swooning in between denial, anger and sadness right now. I can be a bit of a control freak, and the unknown is quite terrifying. I'm told my chances of recovery are very good as I am only Stage 2 (early) so I am trying to focus on silver linings.

Thanks again to all of our family, friends, customers and strangers who have offered words of support, you can't imagine how much it means right now xx




  • Lili's mum 🐱

    In 04 they told me I had M.S..oops used a lot of choice words
    On top of things ATM but there will always be those * days. A great nurse once told me a tip.. when U feel like ** surround yourself with textures, fragrances & colours that make you feel good. I am a bit of a stubborn b** too. Stay strong & believe in yourself..Keep laughing at the wacky things,as small ad they may be.🐱

  • Nicola cooke

    Wishing you all the best , I have only been to the shop once , very recently having just discovered it ! My hubby and I chatted to Wayne , lovely bloke , we will be back ! Wishing you both the best and will follow and support your journey through it all xxxxxc

  • Jan

    Sending healthy healing vibes your way Angela. Your strength will bring you through 💕💕💕 xxx Jan

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